• Delve back beyond the sands of time 3,000 years ago when Death was not to be feared, but honored.

    Ancient Egypt, a Civilization of wealth and supreme knowledge. Where Science, Magic, Death and the Supernatural were all tied together and woven into one great tapestry that shaped their empire.

    Join us at El CID Sunset on January 25th as we journey back to that ancient time and unlock the doors to the realm of Spirit.


    With the protection of Anubis, Sekhmet and Horus the spirit world comes alive.

    We welcome you to a authentic Ritual & Séance themed within the Wisdom & Magick of Ancient Egypt

    Mystic Dylan, a Witch and Anthropologist sets the stage with an Authentic Ritual used for thousands of years by the otherworldly priests and magicians. As the space is cleansed and protected, the Primordial energies are called forth and participants are consecrated so that they can absorb the ancient powers.

    Adela Lavine, Famed Medium & Gifted Intuitive leads you beyond the veil into the spirit world. Here you will learn the secrets of the other realm, commune with loved ones and those who have passed on. She speaks with the voice of the afterlife.