Zachariah The Witch

    Writer & Co-Producer

    Zachariah is the writer and co-producer of The Raven Societea, and Ghosts of The Past. He is an active Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, and the Leader of the Los Angeles Black Hat Society. Zachariah is the Host of the weekly live-streaming series: #AroundTheCauldron. Zachariah has been a guest leading seances at The Historic Harris House, and other haunted locations. He has been featured on many podcasts and live-streaming shows such as: Hollyweird Paranormal, Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt, The Poetry Brothel, and more. He is a practicing witch who utilizes numerology, tarot, and many other forms of divination to help clients find the answers they seek. Outside of his spiritual teachings and assistance, he is a gifted performer with a background in acting, writing, singing, guitar, piano, and songwriting. You can find Zachariah on-stage or behind the scenes throughout Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago.

    The Old Town Cosmopolitan Hotel

    Host Venue - Oct 16, 17, 18

    The Cosmopolitan has watched San Diego unfold around it for nearly 200 years. From a state-of-the-art adobe home built in 1827 by a young, revolutionary Don Juan Bandini to a modern two-story hotel, restaurant and stagecoach office in 1869 to an olive cannery in 1900 and a popular Mexican restaurant in the latter half of the 20th century, the Cosmopolitan has seen San Diego grow. Now, returned to its 1870s glory, it has a story to tell. Step into the Cosmopolitan and let it tell you that story
    The Cosmopolitan Restaurant
    At the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, every dish is prepared when ordered, with house-made sauces, fresh vegetables and the finest meat and seafood — all artfully presented to give you a delicious and wholesome meal, to savor in a heartwarming environment, steeped in history and America’s finest traditions.
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